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Monday, August 30, 2004

This past weekend I was at the SD Festival of Books as I announced last week in the Tuesday post. One of the featured poets at the event was Quincy Troupe. He has quite a resume (another topic). I spent some time with him at the event, attended his workshop, and found him to be an engaging fellow who is intouch with contemporary poetic expression.

He read at a local night spot with a jazz band backup. Both the band and Troupe are Miles Davis devotees. Troupe helped him write his life story and has published the book , Miles and Me about their relationship. Both are from St. Louis/East St. Louis where Quincy was a high school basketball star. I was surprised how much my personal St. Louis experience contributed to my understanding of his art and personal world view.

The Spoken Word was an exciting experience that drew a good bit of interest. There was a family from Sisseton whose star son, Zion, won the slam. These Native Americans had so much good energy to contribute to the scene. My spouse, Quincy Troupe and his spouse Margaret were the slam judges (that girl do get around).

I tried out some of the poems for a chap book I am working on called, Looking for the Good Life in Minnesota. It was well received.

Question. Should test message speak for savvy be 2vS or Sv2 ???

)vv( (vv)


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