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"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A series poetry challenge

The leader of a poetry group that I know challenged the group to write a poem a day for a week for the next group meeting. Generally I don't think much of this kind of thing but in this case it looked like a good place for some constrained writing:

I decided that some kind of form built around the English vowels (a,e,i,o,u,y) would be appropriate. Only 6, but the way I chose to work out of that was to have one verse for each vowel where the only vowel permitted was the vowel in the order they appear in the 14 letter, 5 syllable title, "a locust in rhyme" and since the title suggest swarming rhyme I chose a rhyme pattern and a syllable count. The line syllable count is based on the Fibonacci Series, 1,2,3,5, (8), 13 [the next term is the sum of the previous two]---the rhyme scheme is apparent in the reading.

a locust in rhyme

M: as fast
as a cast
can act and what all
bands call

T: or not,
for cold shots,
sold off howls, on long
lost song

W: push pull
dumb luck, full
cup, suck up, slum run,
pun fun,

T: shit, this
night flight is
in with its white light
still bright,

F: fly hy
myth. Slyly
cry, “... by gypsy Wyrds
gyp Byrds

S: clever
schlepp! Never
help the blessed best,
let jest

S: be. Why
it’s four eyes
and ewes our bees wing

The line syllable count is 2,3,5,2,1 the sum of which is 13 (a Fibonacci number), one vowel per syllable plus the one in the title gives a total of 14 for each of the the 1-6 reverse-lipograms stanzas. The seventh stanza takes off and does some things with all of the vowels, "e" is special in that there are 7 in the seventh stanza for 21 total in the poem and 21 is the next number in the Fibonnaci Series after 13, i.e. 13+8=21.

There are other things like the silent 8 in line 3 of the seventh, the vowel-sound consistency of the seventh with the pattern of 1-6, the vowel sound interchanges, plus all kinds of numerical resonances.

It was a fun challenge after all, and a nice place to use constraints.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How many fascists in high places

Gopher Prairie’s Somnambulant

"I love America, but I don't like it." *

Asleep in one dimensional word hovels,
ghosts of Dickens squirm
like a psalmist for the first little pig’s last party

there were
the reefers

the huffers

Followed by
the buzz runners

Fire & crystal
a conundrum
Flimflam Damn Rapper
could not
crank off
or blame a DJ
hand job
remix 4

Could not

referential hyperbole
for high time

* Sinclair Lewis
who set
frei for a story named after the 3rd goose . . .

---step 1

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

myGod Space Aliens are Inside Us

Going it alone

Why worry about global warming catastrophe
Man is more clever than that
that wily species has invented germ warfare
Today we blame the terrorists
who understand the sinister plot
It is only a ruse to soften the religious mind
Accept the logic of us-or-them
While hurricanes rage, dust bowls churn
The microbes work god-like
Abandoning their animation hosts
Going it alone, well not quite,
in desperation the humans will launch them
by mistake of course—
Skyward? No, to begin anew
Like a space vacation, until
these earthbound others have digested
the species who did not get the fix.
Next time the single-cells will be more careful
growing their mobility in time
Less brutish guts, more grey matter
Smarts enough to leave chance and love out of it
manufacture replacements
depending mostly on silicon and spark
more conservative of biologic excess
that cannot rest before splurging out of control.
Crash and chaos is so random
so utterly beastly. Too bad, it worked so well
Until the predators turned on each other
Invented collective self interest
Attacked the species that made them
what they are today
Ah, but along the way humans forgot
what the single-cells know
All success is temporary

According to Hoyle (this ain't no card game) it is panspermia.

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