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The world appears more interesting when you live more than half way to the pole. Different voices too.
"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Poets & Painters - The halo effect

This is a piece about the quasi scientific process of using two art forms placed in close proximity or overlapping to produce a new piece of art. I like the way it expresses the concept of complementarity from Bohr's quantum theory, and speaks to the use of more than just visual perceptions in the creation of sensory expressions (I would call them images) like pseudochromesthesia.

I really like the results of cooperation within and across schools of thought. I linked to a poem "Ratios" that I believe misses the point--assigns a numerical concept to a "Miller Analogy" of the form "14 is to weak as overtime is to Bukowski." Maybe it is an example of the false pretense some editors use to determine what is acceptable.

Chevreulian Abstract Psychodrama

Poets impersonating pointillist painters
Co-opting neo-impressions into lines and form
metaphorical blends of image and tone
halo & hue into meter & meaning
cool blue declarations
warm yellow interrogations
An artistic grammatical transmutation—
Seurat geometry in aural rhythm & rhyme

This bears repeating, if the above is 12345678, then
is the whole package. Let Mike in Space (Speakonia) say it quickly and often.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hog Calling must be a Religious Symbol

I was listening to a radio show the other day and the local host was interviewing a poet by the name of Kloefkorn. I never have been able to spell his name correctly although the sound of his voice is unmistakable.

In the processof searching the web to find the correct spelling, a more engaging question presented itself, "What would a bunch of Catholics know about a Methodist talking to a group of Lutherans about plagarism?" Maybe this hypermedia composition is a partial answer,

On hearing Kloefhttp:

Former Nebraska Hog Calling Champ
according to Creighton

Judging by the last part
of the last part
of his next to last live interview
I heard an old man talking
Boasting how strong and virile
he is
Talking about the good times
his memoir records

how poetry just isn’t sufficient
anymore, necessary but
not sufficient
Now that I am senile
I understand
how to misspell his name

Monday, March 20, 2006

Incompetent in Chief

Just a grevious complication of what happens when the electoral process is not allowed to grant the will of the people. Remember, after all the votes were counted Gore won Florida, he won the popular vote, but the Supreme Court's action prevented him from becoming the President. Now we live with the consequences of,

War Mentality

quagmire dead man
Bush lies made manifest
U.S. neo-con empire evil
gone mad

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March Madness xL +2OT= 5cost

Why does “March Madness . . . ” have 40 lines? It had 40 lines all by itself— it turned out that way. Minutes in a college basketball game, 40. Easter story? Tarot?

March Madness: Did you ever wonder

March. Wow, almost spring according to the sun.
The evidence is clear—
Dirt clods in the fields all look like dog turds by now.
It makes sense.

They’ve been through the gut of winter.
Some things never change:
Men are looking for scoring opportunities
Women have their hands on their big balls now,

It's the game they both play, basketball.
Easter is at hand,
Dated by some pagan equinox festival goddess.
It’s a three day affair:

Getting hung out after a miracle string
Depresses the hero into a near dead state
He doesn’t wake up from until Sunday morning
His teammates really lose it though.

They see visions.
Can’t understand each other for 40 days,
Then they go on some kind of cult symbolic trip.
Now that is an unbelievable story!

Take it from me:
I am a numbers man too, but it just doesn’t add up.
It’s some kind of far out Qabala revival,
Timothy Leary bad drug trippin’.

I mean the way I interpret the data,
March madness didn’t begin with TV and the NCAA.
It’s just a repeating sign that people can’t wait
To show the establishment what fools they are.

Some things never change.
The evidence is clear.
March, wow, almost spring according to the sun.
What the heck?

My dog never noticed I stepped in it.
Anyway, I’d rather have shit on my shoe,
Than a wafer body in my hand,
And wine on my shirt that looks like blood.

Women get-it-on first and the game for men
Is not decided until the Monday after
When quarterbacks are sure it’s
Madness. No matter who made up the plays.