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The world appears more interesting when you live more than half way to the pole. Different voices too.
"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It took me some fumbling but I finally figured out the following poem was my response to the Indian Ocean disaster. I wrote it in the "wake of the tsunami."

When I saw a quote of the inimitable Jon Stewart: he deadpanned on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, "God, you've made your point. You're all-powerful," I got it.

Yet it isn't God we need to be addressing our concerns to -- it's us.

A Phenomenal Conversion

... Sweet women, youths, men, all incredulous,
W ho chimed as one: 'This figure is of straw,
This requiem mockery! Still he lives to us!'
from “God’s Funeral” by Thomas Hardy

Is god dead?

No, she only changed her underpants

Crotchless, provocative dominatrix

that she is

Unafraid to undress enough

to expose the hapless male warrior

with his erect member she no longer heeds.

Neutered pretenders

wail from their pulpits—“Behold!

The end is near!”

That it is: right behind them

roaring off to a future

the prophets did not see.

They were looking to the sky or dreaming, while

Mother Earth had the key

wired into a code of life the wise understood

when god lifted her skirt.

Monday, January 17, 2005

While I was writing whole form poems, I decided to apply the pantoum to the current political scene and the upcoming week:

I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

One thing about fools, at least they’re bold
For them a problem, means a crisis
Myth and hyperbole are as good as gold
They take their faith in God as a basis

For them a problem, means a crisis
Don’t ask questions, that’s a sign of weakness
They take their faith in God as a basis
Don’t doubt motives, follow his highness

Don’t ask questions, that’s a sign of weakness
It doesn’t matter how dumb they are
Don’t doubt motives, follow his highness
Follow our hero— a genuine imitation super star

It doesn’t matter how dumb they are
Myth and hyperbole are as good as gold
Follow our hero— a genuine imitation super star
One thing about fools, at least they’re bold


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I was bored and looking for some tradition to lampoon. I had never written a sestina before and it is a old form (dating as far back as the twelfth century according to the Sestina web site), i.e tradional, a smoking ban in Italy, of all places, was in the news, and high schools? Well I remember a book title, Is there life after high school? that an internet search says it was written by Kelli B. Trujillo and you can buy it a Wal-mart. That was good enough for me.

As it turns out I may have broken the tradition of the word order in the envoi (concluding triplet), but then no one seems to know the rules and it certainly was not intentional on my part, it just turned out that way because I am but a student in one of those universal CR.

The Promise of Life after High School

Tobacco and smoking has gotten to be society’s drag
Mister Butts is on the train for a ride to the death camp
A victum of the march to the universal high school
The uniform world— where only the principle rules
To begin with, there will still be illicit wash rooms
Where males will go to smoke and masturbate

A place to think and dream while they masturbate,
Smoke, stink and enjoy what might be their last drag
Just like the old days when we did it in the bath rooms
It was a place everybody went, life’s boot camp
Boys longing to be men with, “No damn rules.”
A delusional haven state– a real learning school.

An experience everyone had before leaving school
You could be fool, nerd, jock: they all masturbate!
It’s the one thing everybody shared--common rules
To be preserved, something to wrestle and drag
Into a dusty future of unexciting ideas– a camp
Motto with an engaging ring; good enuf for board rooms

Outside the pecking order of traditional class rooms
Where real life is learned in the universal high school
Not along straight, narrow halls with pictures of camp
Failures and success, i.e. losers admitting, “Yeah, I masturbate.”
For those who get caught for what everybody does, they drag
Out the facts, and punish them for breaking the rules.

It just the way life goes, when power and control rules.
Only fools would think to mention the game rooms
That teach team work with morals in disguise drag
Hubris is equated to honor with sophomoric school
Cheerleaders who eliminate the reason to masturbate
And depict a glamorous future adventure camp.

With songs and mascots, priming them for military camp—
To keep order, sanction activities and set dress rules
It readies men for a life-long mission as Master Bait
Chairman of a-a-a “fishing extravaganzas.” They meet in rooms
At the high school, with officials of the Christian School.
It portrays honesty. “After high school, life really is a drag.”

You may look forward to a business retreat camp in the rooms
Where you thought English was a drag and high school
Was only a place to masturbate and break the stupid rules.

Plus I had a bit of fun doing it.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Now that the folly of short term selfish hedonism is becoming obvious, god is a joke, and humans begin to understand that the future belongs to them, it is time to start thinking about what our responsibilities really are:

The article summarizing the deep thinking of Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum,The Prosperous Way Down, is a good place to start.

As the saying goes,

War is not the Answer
Ride a Bicycle

It is a literal and figurative shorthand for how a moral person constructs a metaphor for the future and transports the message to the children who learn by doing long before they understand why or what for. Joy is like pedaling; the more you do the further (sic.) it takes you.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year: 2005

A quote of Pierre Charron seems appropriate to start the new year:

But they say: to doubt, to consider both points of view, to put off decision, it this not painful? I reply, it is indeed for fools, but not for wise men. It is painful for people who cannot stand freedom, for those who are presuptuous, partisan, passionate and who, obstinately attached to their opinions, arrogantly condemn all others....Such people, in truth, know nothing. They do not even know what it is to know something.

As part of my tithe to the truth, I relay what the natural environment had to say on the subject today.

Prophetic Vision

cold wind
icy sleet tears
embalm dry prairie grasses
white madness merging earth to north
star sky