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The world appears more interesting when you live more than half way to the pole. Different voices too.
"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Friday, January 06, 2006

unStupid Continuum

Unstupid Continuum

In an online world Unstupid could be a desire
It became a destination
Only a search engine could understand

With a name like Google, most anything
Disinterred from a vanity contest
Most anything can be given life, or death

Once launched, the groaning disk clanks
Bumps over bad translations
Disappears in Answers copied from elsewhere

But today was special,
or was I lucky?

Kurt Schwitters was lurking beyond the grave
Looking for the ghost of rapper past

Having been given the Bird’s Christmas Carol
Too late to be a more than a disentangled how
Lost in the Deutsche sounds of Dadadada

Elesvier, Britannica, Cut and Paste(d) here
An Anna Blume Madd Madd World there
A 2006 YouTube review cut with insanity

Chunked into a collage of humanity
Wiggling before my eyes with MSM tentacles
Moribund but living out a death of innocence

Unbalanced colors float across the screen
Patterns of despair carved in exponential curves
Sounding out intractable calliope warnings

Unwords with imagined meanings appeared
Alphabetically correct and presented as if,
As if there to make spellcheck expendable

1. The World
2. Unstupid
3. Nights
5. Legborders
6. Green Child
7. Wound roses roses bleed
8. Light & Low
9. Cnudgel
11. He She It
12. Simultaneous Poem
13. Repose

And all the rest is history, forgotten, waiting for a resurrection:
14. An Anna Blume
15. Anna Blossom Has Wheels
16. Call It Killing You Off
17. The Bahnhof
18. Execution
19. To Johannes Molzahn
20. Herwarth Walden
21. Portrait of Herwarth Walden
22. Portrait of Nell Walden
23. Portrait of Christof Spengemann
24. Portrait of Rudolf Bliimner
25. Portrait of Rudolf Bauer
26. Mary the Red
27. To Maria
28. On a Drawing by Marc Chagall
29. A Flower Like a Raven
30. Private Gentlemen, Attention Please!
31. Decay's Way
32. Wheelers Dealers
33. Evening
34. Waggling
35. From the Back & from the Front to Start
36. Murder Machine 43
37. Chinese Banalities
38. The Prisoner
39. Workers Song
40. Subway Poem
41. High Fashion Furs
42. Raspberry Bonbons
43. The Meadow
44. The Critic
45. For Franz Marc
46. The Great Ardor of Dada
47. Cigarren
48. Simile
50. Your Most Humble
51. To the Berlin Proletariat!
52. Desire
53. Candle Fat
54. Ice Clocks
55. Village Poem
56. Dumb Poem
57. Wirecircus
58. The Hand
59. Analysis
60. Roses abloom like daisy blossoms
61. Autumn
62. Twelve
63. Poem 25
64. Z A
65. Register
66. Typographic Visual Poem
67. AO Visual Poem
68. A-A Visual Poem
69. S-S Visual Poem
70. Ur Sonata
71. Indecent i-Poem
72. p p p p p p p p p
73. Banalities (1) and (2)
74. From Hannover Merzbau
75. [1 7 10]
76. Ideas for Poems
77. Autumn / The Last Fly
78. Four Bear Songs
79. Tortrtalt
80. Devil in Need
81. For Anne: A Poem to Be Sung as a Round
82. If I Were, When I Was
83. Four Visual Poems:
84. Mai 191, Oon, Difficult, Esir
85. Premonitions
86. When someone once said
87. Small Chinese Poem
88. Flight
89. Perhaps Strange
90. There was a little Kew
91. Imagination
92. Funeral Furnitures at your service
93. She Dolls with Dollies
94. Königsberger Is Like That
95. Dadar
96. I and You
97. [Frohe Tage]
98. And in the night
99. She is my fairy queen
100. Count Sardinowhocount
101. [To avoid]
102. London Onion
103. Opinion
104. One day
105. Far away from
106. At first men were limited
107. The Prisoner
108. A fishbone fish a fefishbone
109. Pin
110. Die Gazelle zittert / The gazelle trembles

And with that, the end, almost before it began with no warning whatsoever. Unstoppable.


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