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"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Monday, May 05, 2003

I just checked a blog site that I visit quite regularly. I had not visited in a while because I was not blogging myself for the past 3 weeks–I was amused to see her apologizing because she had failed to alert people that she was on hiatus. April must be a month for taking a break and not telling anyone that you will be gone. I don’t apologize. Shit I wrote 500 lines of poetry, including one, the one below, for some friends who opened a flower/art shop. Everything worthwhile takes time.

Flower Dance

Could there by life without flowers?
Not a science question.

Beauty does not require understanding.

Color and pheromone
penetrate to the heart of pleasure
on nonsensical senses.

Binding humans
dancing bees.

I will be trying to get back to the discipline of blogging on a regular basis. Only checking in once in a while will help me do actually do it–that works for readers as well as writers.

I am listening to St. Paul Sunday today
Saint Paul Sunday this Week
Kronos Quartet
May 4, 2003

What a wonderful resource the web is getting to be.

I also discovered over the week end that the local yokels are not carrying

Studio 360 with Kurt Anderson anymore. This week’s show was on fishing and had Ian Frazier as a guest. I don’t fish in the rod and reel sense but I do have a poem in the works, “What is it about fish” that explores the relationship between humans and fishes. This project is the first of a long period activity as opposed to my typical work pattern.

I am also shopping for ideas about how to break down the linear nature of traditional poetry presentation on paper. I am working on using space and concrete form to separate content and rhythm, like a back beat. Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated.

So okay.



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