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Monday, January 16, 2006

I had a nightmare on the day we celebrate dreams

Every year we honor Martin, and we hear again his stirring speech, "I have a Dream." But in many ways, that speech is among the least challenging of his charges to us, however hard and unfulfilled it remains. He dreamed other dreams, of the end of exploitative materialism and relentless militarism, of an America devoted to social justice and creative non-violence, which our mainstream media do not dare repeat over and over again.

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Simpler Lines for Simpler Minds

The modern election is a sham.
One party with two first names
Serves the master money man
Who doesn’t really give a damn.
Freedoms are just fantasy games.

Votes are just for show.
The election was stolen fair
And square. In ain’t like we did not know
Money is king and wages are low, so
“Keep us safe,” your only prayer.

Don’t need no Bill of Rights
Happiness is a new police state.
Give me God and Silent Night’s
Promise of radiant search lights.
No need to grieve or pontificate

Cheer for the red state towns
Sold out to the Wal-mart boyz.
Loyal objects for proper nouns
Seeking favor the simple clowns
Take for gospel, all patriotic ploys.

My soul’s been bought and paid with greed.
Ronald Reagan said it best:
“Grow your debt, that’s our creed.
The rich must get richer, yes indeed,
We’ll let inflation do the rest.”

Everybody knows we’re the greatest
Don’t ask questions, don’t miss the boat
Faith in god makes our conquest
For Mideast oil, a religious test
To keep our economy afloat,

It takes oil to run our war machines.
Business tells me what to say—
Trust the NRA, not the greens.
I can’t tell you what that means,
But it’s them or us, so bombs away.


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