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"I discovered the Theory of Relativity while riding a bicycle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I have been working on this poem of protest that I want to give a start so that it can stimulate additional thought about empire–it appears here because of its obvious anti-militarism and anti-exploitation of the many by the few.

Dakota: a Lewis and Clark Legacy

Two hundred years since the Captains
offered adventure and easy pussy
to a hapless lot.
Rape of an unknown savage culture a familiar chant
contrived by the rich for the unendowed
Opening a new frontier for the liars
and thieves in their cleric collars
promising another century of fear at God’s expense.

A familiar story of hope and meaning
resurrected just in time for
twenty first century warriors
jealous of the Greatest Generation’s slant-eyed pussy and
French maidens they mounted
for the first time but left unsatisfied
left unsatisfied
left unsatisfied
But this war is the one of promise, the last one
Revelations revealed for a life eternal.

Native sons, tired of American whores trapped
in church basements
unwilling to not give them what they demand
they demand
they demand
(wanton images resembling their mothers confuse their dreams)
Honorable paternal lust lasting far beyond
a senseless Mideast trip.

Home to millions of untouched poon-tang waiting
for the us The Liberators
Covered dark skinned women
inferior but easily dominated, whose
fathers are impotent and unable
to resist the smart bombs we don’t understand
don’t understand
don’t understand
Our deep religious faith keeps us innocent and our
God forgives our evil deeds.

We are the ignoble heroes of prevarication
repeating the misdeeds we learned
in junior high history class
repeated until the tired professor yielded
and called it good.
We never knew the difference
never knew
never knew
Ignorance the only solace to protect our children
until they can make their own patriotic choice.

Paper heroes returning to the welfare plains of home
just used and forgotten wards of the state
our labors nothing but a joke
chemicals cannot solve.
We praise our evil keepers who modify our genes
and buy our votes with grants of selfish praise
selfish praise
selfish praise
Hooray for our rights to stolen self sufficiency
paid in the blood of those we will never know
never know
never know
Another voyage of discovery without end
without end.



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